Firsthand experiences

The first time I heard about Lina was in the context of a “positive breakthrough experience” in another person’s life, so I became interested in getting in touch with Lina one day.


Lina was one of the first people in my life through whose presence I was finally clearly able to feel Shakti at a distance (during a Zoom call).


What I also like about Lina is that she can also see what is going on in the energy field of the person, which makes her guidance even more efficient.


I am definitely looking forward to receiving Shaktipāt not only online but also in person.

I am glad that I am able to receive guidance from her on my spiritual path, and that I have someone I can turn to for help in the process of fully awakening Kundalini.


David G., Austria

I have attended both Lina’s intensives and online meditations.


Her energy is incredible and indescribable. Transformative, humbling, healing and loving are some words that come to mind when I think about it.


Lina has the gift to transmit Shakti through touch and intention. In my experience, there is barely any difference between getting Shaktipāt through physical touch and online. Both ways have the power to touch the essence of your being and awaken what you are searching for.


For the past two years, Lina has guided me through a tough awakening process that at times left me without any desire to keep on going. When I was burdened by my own self-destructive patterns, Lina took my hand and showed me mySelf.


With the gentlest of presence and an abundance of unconditional Love, Lina helped awaken the “life spark” in me. A Divine Fire that is growing, only now unhindered by trauma and fear. Without her humble guidance, I do not know where I’d be.


She has brought me back to trusting myself and my path. And I couldn’t be more grateful to have shared space with her. My gratitude is eternal.

Alexander Kumlin, Sweden

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