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I’m a pragmatic man. I am not seeking spiritual path, spirituality is not my goal itself. Instead, meditation and spiritual practices are tools enabling me to perform better, allowing me to embrace the world as it is rather than how I might wish it to be.


Shakti wasn’t my first spiritual practice, but it was the first one that truly stuck with me, the first where I could feel its impact on both my physical and mental bodies. Stillness, groundedness, and a sense of confidence follow me in my journey to becoming a better human, husband, manager, and leader every day. I thank Lina and community that she built from all my heart.

Lukas Y., Lithuania

When someone has fully merged with Shakti, like the drop of water becoming one with the ocean, is
there any difference between that person and Shakti? In this sense, we can say that Lina is the
embodiment of Shakti or the Divine Mother. And, more than anything, Lina would like to help us
merge back into the ocean, too, and to share the realization that we are not just this role that we play
in our daily lives (which Lina calls “central casting”) but that we already are Shakti in the now; that
we have always been and always will be it. Lina’s work is about releasing the contractions that
obstruct the clear view of this essential truth; she helps us heal the emotional and psychological
blockages that get in the way of our true nature. Most of all, Lina would like us to be free, to enjoy
the freedom that she enjoys.

If I could describe my experience with Lina, I would say that it has been full support from day one.
She truly cares for so many people as she will intuitively reach out to you just to see how you are
doing. How many people in your life have ever pulled you aside just to focus on you and where you
are in life or your spiritual journey? Every week Lina shares her gifts selflessly with all of us, giving
Shaktipat and the sweetest hugs to everyone who finds their way to see her. Lina actually glows, she
is always glowing and radiant. Receiving these blessings from Lina helps to gradually melt away our
contractions and blocks, replacing them with bliss and a feeling of love that is like a pleasant ache in
the heart.

In heartfelt gratitude to Lina, our graceful and wise spiritual guide on the Shakti Path.


J.M., United States

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