About Lina

For several years she had been looking for answers to all those questions many of us ask: “Who/what/why am I?”, “Is this all there is?”, “What happens when I die?”, “What is God?”, “Is it possible to ever be liberated from all suffering and inner limitations?” and “What is it like to simply be?”.

Gradually, answers started to come to her after she received Shaktipāt from an enlightened Shakti teacher and embarked on her own spiritual journey. After a few years, by the Divine Grace, the ultimate shift in consciousness led her to true liberation and knowledge of the Self, at the same time awakening the sacred gift to transmit Shakti, or divine energy, through Shaktipāt. So, she was officially initiated to give Shaktipāt.

Also, during one-on-one meditation sessions, she’s helping people deal with challenging emotional aspects of their everyday lives.

Besides holding intensives, traveling around the world, guiding people in person as well as online, she is also mother of three and keeps on living an ordinary life just like she used to, so she can validate that true spirituality is our everyday life. Both are compatible, and there is no need to retreat from your duties and responsibilities in life in order to follow your spiritual journey towards Self-realization.

Lina is not following any specific traditional Hindi teaching; she does not represent any lineage or teacher and is not a part of any cult or religion.

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