Emotional awareness

Being aware of our feelings, emotions, sensations, thoughts and beliefs means starting to be conscious and ceasing to identify with them. Therefore, there is no more reason to fight, resist or suppress them anymore. It is about understanding why we are feeling or thinking the way we are.

Emotions are neither good nor bad. They are energy vibrating in various frequencies and intensities. Names and stories bind to them, to which we attach certain beliefs, behavioral patterns and understandings, based on the experiences and situations we went through in our life, especially in our childhood. Also, there are beliefs and “truths” we adopted from our parents. It is we who are creating these “wanted / unwanted”, “positive / negative” feelings in our relationship to specific situations, circumstances and with people we meet. In other words, most of our acts, thoughts and decisions are feelings-based and very rarely come from peace. This is what makes us suffer and feel limited.

Moreover, these contractions are intertwined not only with our mental and emotional bodies, but are equally intertwined with our physical body as well. Everything that we do not want to feel, we are suppressing in our system, in our emotional, mental and physical bodies.

That is where emotional contractions and blockages take place. These blockages are nothing more than contracted energy which remains suppressed in the system instead of being allowed to play out and come back to where it came from, much like waves in the ocean. Emotional awareness sessions are aimed at discovering those old contracted feeling-charged energies and embracing them by letting them play out. Another purpose of these sessions is to bring one to recognize and become aware of connections to certain beliefs or behavioral patterns that were attached to those contractions.

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Once you embark on the spiritual journey, change is inevitable. Your personality will transform, deconstruct and reconstruct back again, only with purified qualities. The spiritual journey is all about becoming authentic, becoming the “true” you, coming back to, or rather remembering your “already present” essence. It’s about unbecoming who you are not, removing false identifications, thus realizing your true nature – the Self.

Everything that has been suppressed and avoided to be experienced or faced will eventually begin to reveal itself in order be recognized, disidentified from, acknowledged, embraced and released.

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