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Shakti, or Divine Conscious Energy, or Divine Creative Potential, is primordial energy out of which EVERYTHING manifested. It’s like the stem cell of creation, abiding in the peaceful ocean of Pure Being. So, any energy stems out of Shakti. Therefore, the awakened Shakti (Kundalini) brings every practice to a deeper, more profound, yet more subtle level.

The Shakti energy transmitted during Shaktipāt (Shakti transmission) comes through the Teacher from the Source, so all the energy that is being given is the same Divine Energy – Shakti. The matter here is only about the so called Shakti flavor that every teacher as a person “adds” to it, since it flows through her/his being.

The unfolding of the awakened Shakti is highly individual, depending on one’s readiness, openness, experience and level of understanding. In other words, it is “uniquely tailored”. Next to meditation and practicing Shakti, one of the most important prerequisites is trusting the process. And living your everyday life. A Shakti Teacher can explain or guide it, but the unfolding of the process is spontaneous – it’s a bestowment of grace. It’s a gradual, unique and individual awakening of Consciousness which has its own pace and timing. Divine timing.

How can one know if one’s shoes are comfortable? Only by wearing them. So, the only way to answer this question is to follow the path. It’s been said that the Shakti Path chooses you, whereas other spiritual paths can be chosen. So, if you are reading these lines, perhaps you are at the right place to start.

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